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Senator Roderick Wright (D)  


District 25

Capitol Office

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 651-4025

Bills and Priority Issues

Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill SB 150 Sentencing.

Bill SB 155 Student financial aid: Assumption Program of Loans for Education: school nurses.

Bill SB 156 Workers’ compensation: fraud prevention and detection.

Bill SB 161 Health care coverage: chemotherapy treatment.

Bill SB 181 Code enforcement: definitions.

Bill SB 190 Misbranded food: pomegranate juice.

Bill SB 191 Charter schools: funding.

Bill SB 240 Vehicles: Department of Transportation vehicles.

Bill SB 244 Children’s services: high-risk children.

Bill SB 282 Criminal street gangs: injunction: duration.

Bill SB 285 Support judgments: interest accrual and incarcerated persons.

Bill SB 354 State Board of Equalization: local tax revenues: video.

Bill SB 356 Regulations: small businesses.

Bill SB 381 High school instruction: course of study.

Bill SB 385 Historic motor vehicles: preservation.

Bill SB 484 Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine.

Bill SB 485 State Highway Operation and Protection Program Emergency Funding Act.

Bill SB 578 Child support: interest.

Bill SB 580 Child support: health insurance.

Bill SB 625 Crimes: bail: release on own recognizance.

Bill SB 633 Real estate appraisers.

Bill SB 696 Air quality: regional districts: emission reduction credits.

Bill SB 805 Energy: procurement.

Bill SB 827 Tribal gaming.

Bill SB 830 Horse racing law: intent.

Bill SCR 11 Integration of college sports.

Bill SCR 38 Gasoline: vapor recovery systems.

Bill SB 903 Penalty collections: limitations.

Bill SB 909 Investigative consumer reporting agencies: disclosures.

Bill SB 961 Health care coverage: cancer treatment.

Bill SJR 21 Port Chicago disaster.

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Priority Issues

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