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Senator Mark Wyland (R)  


District 38

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 651-4038

Bills and Priority Issues

Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill SB 119 Professional liability insurance: insurers: bad faith.

Bill SB 223 Education: economics: financial literacy.

Bill SB 234 Curriculum: oral histories: genocide.

Bill SB 253 Pupil assessment: STAR testing.

Bill SB 264 Pupil assessment: high school exit examination: American history.

Bill SB 297 Science and mathematics instruction.

Bill SB 298 Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

Bill SB 299 Employment: labor and employer organizations.

Bill SB 339 Education: civics.

Bill SB 394 Financial institutions: charge disputes.

Bill SB 395 Medical practice.

Bill SB 439 Forensic data: DNA.

Bill SB 473 Real estate: licensing.

Bill SB 529 Health care service plans.

Bill SB 788 Licensed professional clinical counselors.

Bill SCA 3 Transportation Investment Fund.

Bill SR 28 SR 28

Bill SR 31 SR 31

Bill SB 908 Meal and rest periods: exceptions.

Bill SB 941 Parks and recreation: State Park System.

Bill SB 948 state property.

Bill SB 952 Sales and use taxes: vehicle license fee: income taxes: income tax administration: withholding rates.

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Priority Issues

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