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Senator Robert Dutton (R)  


District 31

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 651-4031

Bills and Priority Issues

Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill SB 206 Motor vehicle insurance: coverage limits.

Bill SB 261 Water use.

Bill SB 274 Property tax: base year value transfers.

Bill SB 295 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

Bill SB 352 Juvenile offenders: health facilities.

Bill SB 353 Income tax: health savings account.

Bill SB 380 Meal periods.

Bill SB 430 Redevelopment: County of San Bernardino: disaster recovery project area.

Bill SB 452 At-risk children: registration of birth: notification to child protective services.

Bill SB 467 Public contracts: Prison Industry Authority.

Bill SB 472 Income and corporation taxes: capital gains: exclusion.

Bill SB 508 Taxes: credits: qualified employees.

Bill SB 530 Redevelopment: payments to taxing entities.

Bill SB 567 The Outdoor Advertising Act.

Bill SB 582 Elections: vote by mail voting: military personnel.

Bill SB 618 California Community Colleges: board of governors.

Bill SB 714 Sales and use taxes: exclusion: trade-in vehicle.

Bill SB 765 Sales and use taxes: exemptions: thrift stores operated by nonprofit organizations on military installations.

Bill SB 793 Home Purchase Assistance Program.

Bill SCA 11 Property taxation: base year value transfers.

Bill SCR 12 Steve Faris Memorial Highway.

Bill SR 4 SR 4

Bill SB 942 State Auditor: analysis of regulations.

Bill SB 960 State Air Resources Board: regulations: Legislative Analyst’s Office: report.

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Priority Issues

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