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Senator George Runner (R)  


District 17

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 651-4017

Bills and Priority Issues

Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill SB 157 Controlled substance offenses: methamphetamine or phencyclidine: child under 16 years of age present or suffering great bodily injury.

Bill SB 166 Special occupancy parks.

Bill SB 179 Juvenile law: referee.

Bill SB 188 Temporary restraining orders: schools.

Bill SB 210 vehicles: traffic violations: driving instruction: program.

Bill SB 241 Retail food facilities.

Bill SB 265 Parole: violators.

Bill SB 281 Endangered species: incidental take.

Bill SB 293 Pupil admission: kindergarten and 1st grade.

Bill SB 342 Workers’ compensation: claims administration.

Bill SB 361 Public postsecondary education: Armed Forces service.

Bill SB 370 Elections: voting.

Bill SB 386 Postsecondary education: textbooks.

Bill SB 432 Crime victims: restitution.

Bill SB 468 Air pollution.

Bill SB 504 Sex offenders: monitoring by global positioning systems.

Bill SB 522 State agencies: accounts: reports.

Bill SB 547 Lending.

Bill SB 612 Income and corporation taxes: tax credit: employment.

Bill SB 671 Agricultural land: valuation.

Bill SB 717 Boating and waterways: Department of Boating and Waterways.

Bill SB 839 Emergency Alert System: law enforcement officers.

Bill SCR 16 DMV/Donate Life California Registry.

Bill SCR 31 Scleroderma Awareness Month.

Bill SCR 5 Marine Corporal Christopher D. Leon Memorial Highway.

Bill SJR 11 Guantanamo Bay: detention facility.

Bill SR 26 SR 26

Bill SB 944 Ronald Reagan Day.

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Priority Issues

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