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Senator Mark Leno (D)  


District 3

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 651-4003

Bills and Priority Issues

Prime Sponsored Bills

Bill SB 290 Tenancy: notices.

Bill SB 543 Minors: consent to mental health treatment.

Bill SB 572 Harvey Milk Day: official designation.

Bill SB 581 Hetch Hetchy Water and Power: renewable generation.

Bill SB 585 Agricultural District 1-A: firearm sales at the Cow Palace.

Bill SB 654 Independent Living Program.

Bill SB 678 Criminal recidivism.

Bill SB 690 Outdoor advertising.

Bill SB 711 Public meetings: closed sessions: labor negotiations.

Bill SB 718 Public social services: CalWORKs and the Food Stamp Program.

Bill SB 733 Crime victims: trauma center grants.

Bill SB 748 Public records: Witness Relocation and Assistance Program.

Bill SB 759 Aerial spraying of pesticide: inert ingredients: information.

Bill SB 772 Home furnishings: juvenile products.

Bill SB 781 Eviction procedure.

Bill SB 792 Tidelands and submerged lands: City and County of San Francisco: Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Bill SB 802 Public contracts: retention proceeds.

Bill SB 804 Mobilehomes: sales and replacements.

Bill SB 810 Single‑payer health care coverage.

Bill SB 84 Budget Act of 2009.

Bill SJR 14 Medical marijuana.

Bill SJR 17 Climate change: ocean acidification: Arctic.

Bill SR 16 SR 16

Bill SR 7 SR 7

Bill SB 906 Marriage.

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Priority Issues

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