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I'm a guy from Pasco who left home to see the World, and in doing so, noticed we have something special at home: freedom. I went deployment in 5th fleet, and came backto my base located on the other side of Washington, I leanred and understood ideals from both specturms, Farmland and small towns to urbanized areas, and through it all, my conservative principals have remained solid. Currently am on my second deployment to 7th fleet, and is a great way to stay in the loop to things that effect me when I retun home, and effect my family and friends statewide.


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Pablo, you are an amazing young man. It is so refreshing to hear of your love of country and conservative values. I agree with you and am tracking several “Global Climate Change” bills. I got involved in tracking these bills when our nephew on my husbands side said that he was not going to live past 20 because of global warming. I was shocked and told his mother that I thought it was child abuse to fill his young mind with such nonsense. Since then he and I have had many talks about “Climate Change” and he has figured out himself that it will not shorten his young life! I still get furious when I think about that. The scary thing is that they are also teaching this in the schools here in Washington! Thank goodness our friends children and the nieces and nephews on my side of the family know better.

I come from a long line of military family love and there are no words to thank you for your service! You are the best of the best Americans and we are forever grateful for your sacrifice for our freedom. Please be safe and know we pray for our protectors every night.
God Bless you,
Mrs. Anita Short


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