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HB 2267 Concerning traditional and alternative sewer systems.

HB 2279 Implementing changes to child support based on the child support schedule work group report.

HB 2287 Providing credit towards child support obligations for veterans benefits.

HB 2296 Concerning the siting of biofuel processing facilities.

SB 6062 Concerning the definitions of certain motorcycles.

SB 6059 Establishing the veterans' raffle.

SB 6075 Removing the notice requirement when an attorney or private investigator requests vehicle owner information. Revised for 1st Substitute: Addressing the disclosure of vehicle owner information.

HB 1239 Allowing the department of revenue to issue a notice of lien to secure payment of delinquent excise taxes in lieu of a warrant.

HB 1273 Concerning access to land for hunting and fishing.

HB 1357 Providing the department of revenue with additional flexibility to achieve operational efficiencies through the expanded use of electronic means to remit and report taxes.

SB 5104 Authorizing criminal defendants to plead "guilty and mentally ill."

SB 5031 Including correctional employees who have completed government-sponsored law enforcement firearms training to the lists of law enforcement personnel that are exempt from certain firearm restrictions.

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