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Engine tax - Comments and Associated Bills

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The EPA’s Clean Diesel Act of 2007, which should be renamed the “Fuel Economy Reduction Act.”
On 30 gallons of fuel, you can travel 330 miles with the DPF and 435 miles without it. Throw in an average price-per-gallon of diesel fuel over the last summer of $4.00 and you can drive the 330 miles on $ 120 worth of fuel with the DPF. You can drive 105 miles further on the same $120 without the DPF.
That truck with the DPF costs the owner 36.3 cents per mile to operate. The same truck could operate at 27.5 cents per mile without the DPF.
Over a year at a 27.5 cent-per-mile operating cost, you’d be out $8,250 for a year’s worth of operating fuel in a truck without a DPF. Compare that to the $ 10,890 it would cost to put the same amount of miles on a DPF-equipped truck. That’s an additional $2,640 to do the exact same job in a truck that has nothing different on it aside from a canister filled with ceramic tubes.
Let’s also consider for example, that between Ford, Dodge, and GM, 300,000 DPF-equipped light-duty diesel pickups were sold between ’07 and ’08. If each of those trucks is consuming 658 more gallons of extra fuel, it would mean that we’ve consumed (wasted) 197.4 million more gallons of fuel.
So much for Government (Obama wanting to help not hinder).


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