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Bill SB 5609 (Biennium: 2011-2012)        

Concerning health care financing.


Apr 11 - By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status.



Introduced by Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, (D-Seattle) (D) on February 1, 2011, to abolish the Health Care Authority and create the Washington Health Security Trust. The Trust will be governed by a board of nine members, all of whom will be initially appointed by the Governor by December 31, 2011. Members of the board cannot have any financial interest in any business subject to regulation by the board. The board will manage the state’s public health care program, maintaining a single funding source for state health care. This act also requires self-employed and nonemployed individuals to pay monthly premiums to the Department of Revenue. Trust and reserve accounts for various purposes are also created by diverting portions of current tax revenues, like those from alcohol and tobacco sales. (Companion: HB 1096).

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