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What is TrueLobby?

TrueLobby is an efficient and exciting new way of political participation
that gives you a voice and improves signal to noise on the issues you care about.

For Voters

  • Track Legislation and Receive Bill-Stage Updates
  • Search For Bills in Your Areas of Interest
  • Discuss Bills with Neighbors in Your District
  • See What Others are Saying About Your Legislators' Bills
  • "Like" Your Legislators and Favorite Bills & Share/Discuss with Your Facebook Friends.
  • Communicate with Legislators that Opt-In to Use TrueLobby (Encourage Them!).
  • Sign up and Learn how to get started...

For Legislators

  • Receive constituent communication on specific bills and topics
  • Respond to hundreds of constituents in seconds
  • View a daily dashboard of your constituents communication activity
  • View position statements from key interest groups and lobbyists
  • Communicate directly with interest groups and lobbyists
  • View interest groups that are tracking specific legislation
  • Have public forums on your prime sponsored bills
  • Stay in control of your electronic communication
  • Learn how to get started...

For Lobbyists

  • Elevate Your Client's Issues
  • Post Your Client's Position Statements 24/7
  • Strategize With Your Clients Online With Private Forums
  • Receive Notices When Bills Are Introduced With Key Words
  • Increase Your Influence
  • Learn how to get started...

For Interest Groups

  • Strategize and Organize Your Advocacy Efforts On-Line
  • Heighten Your Organization's Presence on Key Issues
  • Post Your Position Statement on Our Electronic 2nd Reading Calendar
  • Sign up and Learn how to get started...

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More Testimony...

"This is absolutely a great innovation for people and companies ... to be involved in the process and to easily track and provide input to Legislators. T/L is a bright light for those of us who otherwise feel no one is listening to constituent contact through the Legislative site. I hope this will catch fire in other states, and the federal level. Great work!"

Dave Manger
Toray Composites
Tacoma, WA
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